Reach Associates has proved itself to be an
    invaluable partner in the growth of our school system.
Our approach to teaching and learning is undergirded by six Core Habits: Student Engagement, Academic Learning Behaviors, Language & Thinking Development, Differentiation, Intentional Instruction and Data Analysis. When implemented as part of a strategic plan that is tailored for the particular state, district or school environment and student population, these Core Habits yield improved academic achievement and provide equitable learning opportunities. Whether implementing new initiatves, creating turn-around plans, professional learning workshops, targeted intervention programs or curricular and assessment materials, the Core Habits undergird each Reach partnership.

The Reach strategies that address this core habit are aimed at maintaining 90% of student engagement during instructional interactions. Reach has identified a set of key strategies that support educators in maintaining this level of student engagement.

Reach has identified a set of high-leverage strategies that provide access to the learning for all students. The Reach differentiation strategies provide educators and students with scaffolds for success.

Reach Associates believes that ongoing opportunities for self-reflection and personal goal setting are critical in the teaching and learning process. The Reach strategies for this core habit support learning environments and behaviors that focus on high expectations, self-regulation, personal best and respect.




The Reach strategies for this core habit are grounded in the theory of the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model (Pearson and Gallagher, 1983). Our unique approach to the language of instruction helps educators articulate the "what, how and why" of the instructional goals, increasing learner outcomes.



The use of robust academic vocabulary by educators, coupled with multiple strategies for purposeful classroom discourse, are the anchors of this core habit.

This core habit recognizes the pivotal role that data analysis plays in the teaching and learning process. The Reach strategies highlight a variety of formal and informal assessment techniques to monitor learning and revise instruction.
The work we do at Reach Associates is geared to delivering positive outcomes for students, educators, school districts, education departments and private organizations. Our instructional support services (behind the scenes and in the classroom), our action plans that bring together community and schools, and our methods to increase both student and family engagement, all start with our Core Habits of Teaching and Learning. Reach's focus on content and its delivery, use of data and research to inform practice, strategies to reach students at all levels and methods to develop teaching skills are all based on these principles.
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